Appellate Practice

At McElhatton Foley, P.C., our attorneys have decades of experience handling appeals at all levels of state and federal court.  Our attorneys work closely with clients and trial counsel to impart the unique perspective of post-trial analysis, and have the experience necessary to prosecute and defend post-trial motions and appeals.

Our attorneys have a wide array of experience representing clients in both trial and appellate court, and as a result we can offer valuable assistance at all stages of the litigation process.

Areas of Practice:

Because of their substantial and varied experiences in representing clients in the trial and appellate courts, our appellate attorneys can provide valuable assistance at all stages of the litigation process.

– Cases from Inception. When McElhatton Foley, P.C. attorneys handle cases at trial, our attorneys are involved from the beginning, giving analytical, research and drafting assistance.  If an appeal is necessary, our attorney have the expertise to perform cutting-edge legal research, draft persuasive briefs, and deliver powerful oral argument.

– Pre-Verdict Assistance. Often, our firm is consulted to assist trial counsel identify and preserve possible appellate issues in the event that an appeal is necessary.

– Post-Verdict Work. Because there are distinct advantages to having experienced appellate counsel, our attorneys are often retained to undertake appeals where another law firm appeared at trial. In such cases, we recommend working together with trial counsel to prepare post-trial motions and responsive briefs. This helps to ensure that strong appellate issues are identified, preserved, and protected before the appeal is taken. Thereafter, our attorneys are available to handle the appellate process, either alone or in conjunction with trial counsel.